Amanda Vernon

Catholic Evangelist

I Shall Not Be Moved

"Blessed are those who trust in the LORD;

the LORD will be their trust.

They are like a tree planted beside the waters

that stretches out its roots to the stream:

It does not fear heat when it comes,

its leaves stay green;

In the year of drought it shows no distress,

but still produces fruit." -Jeremiah 17:7-8


Growing up, my favorite songs were African-American spirituals.  I was a daddy's girl, always following my father around the house.  He would often sing the songs handed down by his African ancestors, beginning in slavery here in the United States.  So naturally, I learned a great love and respect for this type of music.

We are not certain which part of Africa our family came from, because they were brought to this continent in chains as slaves.  Although much of our history was not preserved, the spirit of our music lives from generation to generation!  It is a spirit of hope, perseverance, and even joy in the midst of tremendous opposition.  It is the Spirit of God, eternally alive.

My new song, "I Shall Not Be Moved" incorporates one of those songs we call spirituals.  I have been blessed to perform this piece live, inviting audiences of many different cultural backgrounds to sing with me.  There is something about the melody and the history that breaks past barriers of race and religion. Lord willing, this will be one of the new songs on my new album.

The choirs from Catholic Central High School in Grand Rapids will accompany me on the vocals of this song for my new CD. We plan to team with Peter Fox of Stone House Recording to capture their 80+ voices.  To read the lyrics for this song, or to make a pledge toward my funding campaign, check out my webpage.  Just CLICK HERE!




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