Amanda Vernon

Catholic Evangelist

Sing It Like You Mean It

I only sing songs I believe in.

A few weeks ago, our local production studio was set up for our recording session. After work on an original piece, we proceeded to a cover song. It was a mash-up of a current hit by Alessia Cara, with an older release from Taylor Swift. Before the session, it seemed like these songs would blend well! The mashup came together quite seamlessly, but there was a problem. I just couldn’t sing it with conviction.

The audio engineer shook his head good-naturedly when he heard laughter through the microphone. “What is this even about?” I asked. “I just don’t believe in this song. I can’t sing it!” We decided to resume again another day, with a cover that was a better fit. So this week, it’s a pleasure to share a different mashup, with two songs that happen to be among my favorites. If the recording sounds happy and lighthearted, that’s because those are my true feelings expressed through music.

It’s called In Real Life for a reason.


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