Amanda Vernon

Catholic Evangelist

Stay Restless, Spend More

It was fun.  Going nonstop, seeing friends, sweet reminders of my childhood, singing everywhere, soaking in the sunshine, making many memories.  

I needed a break.

So my family and I took a week off from singing to regroup.  To let it all soak in, and to plan ahead a bit more.  We cuddled on the couch and read some kids books.  And we were still.

Oh hey, did you have a chance to watch the Super Bowl this year?  It’s an American pastime that I don’t like to pass up.  Even though my heart breaks a little each time the Packers do not suit up.

We watched from our friends’ home in Fort Meyers.  It was a very fun setting since they have two young sons to play with our kiddos.

I really like football.  I yell at the refs; I moan when the “bad guys” steal an interception.  But I understand that some people watch the Super Bowl for commercials and the halftime show.  (Spot-on vocals on that last piece by Bruno Mars, wouldn’t you agree?)

One commercial really got me thinking about the link between restlessness and the spirit of consumerism in America.

Maybe you saw the “Stay Restless” commercial by Jeep.  If not, here’s the video.

Besides being ranked second-to-last in the Super Bowl commercials by E! Online (for whatever that’s worth), I think the premise highlights a couple fascinating falsehoods that are great for marketing.  

“Each tick of the old clock, a reminder that stillness is what actually kills us.”

“Restlessness starts with an itch and ends in progress.”

I agree there is an itch in the human spirit for progress.  But I disagree with the idea that progress itself is the aim.  

In stillness, the human spirit soars.  

After adventures, creative endeavors, and hard work, what is better than the deep satisfaction of stillness?  If I’m still, I’m inclined to think about the things that really matter in life, the things money cannot buy.  

On the contrary, I believe restlessness is at the heart of a consumerist society.  If I’m constantly in pursuit of the next best thrill, then of course I’ll need my wallet open and ready to buy whatever can take me there.  

So anyway, we took a break from traveling and singing.  That lasted about a week.  We’ve been on the road ever since, and it looks like the final 4 months of our tour will be quite full.  

It’s the regular moments of quiet each day that make this journey worthwhile.  Otherwise it’s just a whirlwind of activity that makes me feel out of control.  

Oh, America.  Far from killing me, stillness allows me to appreciate the goodness of the people and the richness of nature that make this country so beautiful.  Stillness opens my restless heart to the peacefulness only found in faith.




P.S. Did I mention that I’m pregnant?  Mmm hmm, I’m carrying Bambino (or Bambina, as the case may be) Numero #3!  If we’re connected on Facebook or Twitter then maybe you saw the great news already.  I tend to be very introspective during this time.  Watch for more musings to follow soon.

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