Amanda Vernon

Catholic Evangelist

West Virginia, Mountain Momma

Heading out!  I'm about to take off for a 5-day road trip with David.  We are leaving our kiddos in the company of our dear friends in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Our route covers five states (Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, West Virginia), two festivals, and visits with amazing people along the way. 

In between travels, I'm working on new music for certain Kickstarter backers.  One reward from my "Interior Gaze" campaign was a personalized, original song.  It feels great to spend time writing, especially for people who have supported me so generously. 

I also feel blessed to spend a lot of time with my sister Deanna these days.  She recently relocated to Green Bay, where we have spent the first leg of our tour.  Before Deanna moved from Michigan, we worked together to deliver another Kickstarter reward, a photo shoot!  Below is a sample, with our friends Terry and Carmen Austen and their sweet kids.

Photo shoot with Deanna Rae Photography and the Austen family, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

My goal is to learn "Take Me Home, Country Road" in its entirety before the end of our road trip.  Can you picture me belting, "West Virginia... mountain momma!" at the top of my lungs with the windows down?  Here's hoping David isn't really sick of this song by next week.  I'm sure he'll love it.  ;)  Time to pack!





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