Amanda Vernon

Catholic Evangelist

Waking Up

I do not use an alarm clock anymore.


Every morning, I wake up to the voice of my little daughter, Chiara.  She doesn’t use many words yet (she’s only 13 months), but she clearly communicates, “COME GET ME!”  


When I open the door to her bedroom, she greets me with excitement.  Almost immediately, she exclaims, “Pretty!”  She points to various items in her room, saying, “Pretty, pretty, pretty!” the whole time.


When we see David (Dadda) and Jamal (our 2-year-old son), she also declares them, “Pretty!”  Jamal responds, “I’m handsome.”


Chiara genuinely sees the world as a beautiful place, meant to celebrate.


I want to bottle her innocent wonder and take it with me during the day.  I would like it to radiate in my smile like it does on her face, and echo through my music like it rings through her sweet voice.


It’s a beautiful thing, waking up to rejoice in the beauty of life.


Last month was a little crazy, with a trip down to Indiana to record the lead vocals for my new CD, and then finishing the production long-distance, mixed with a big flood in Grand Rapids.  We had record rainfall this year, but we are now enjoying simply beautiful weather.  


The floods have subsided, and I hear lawn mowers in the background as I type this.  There’s a promise of something new in the air.  I want to acknowledge it, be aware of it, celebrate it.  


The “Interior Gaze” CD debuts May 31st.  I’m so excited to share it with you.  





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