Amanda Vernon

Catholic Evangelist

Behind the Music

“This was more than a concert.”

I played a house show the other night in St. Louis, Missouri.   That means I performed a concert in someone’s living room.  People gathered around my electric keyboard on cozy sofas and tall kitchen chairs, while kids sat cross-legged on a comforter on the hardwood floor.  The group sang along, laughed at my jokes, and prayed with me through song.

One woman brought her five children to the show.   Afterward, she purchased six CDs.  She commented that my performance was more than she expected, pointing out how I evangelize through my witness, and share stories that make the music more meaningful.  Do I mention this to toot my own horn?  

You betcha.  ‘Cause I’m awesome.

Just kidding.  When I hear this kind of feedback after concerts, I know it is a gift of grace.  When people listen with tears in their eyes or laughter in their heart, I believe we are sharing in the Holy Spirit who brings the spark to something so simple.  

As my family and I approach the halfway point of our year-long tour, we look to continue sharing the inspiration behind my music far beyond my live performances.  To bring my “Interior Gaze” CD to life for people on a much larger scale, David and I are happy to introduce my second Kickstarter Campaign.  

"Behind the Music" Kickstarter video 

"Behind the Music” is a campaign to fund two new music videos and the “Interior Gaze Story & Song Book.”Click here to visit the Kickstarter page, if you have not seen it already.  We hope to bring the live-concert experience to people through new avenues. 

Music videos make passing on a story as simple as the click of the mouse.  Through publishing a new book, I would be able to expound on a mixture of personal stories and reflections on Blessed John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body.”

Our goal is to raise $24,000 by November 24.  For each pledge level, there is a different reward.  If we fall short of the goal, no money will change hands; we will not proceed with the projects or be able to deliver the rewards.

This is about more than music.  It’s about more than concerts or new projects.  It is about passing on the joy of sharing my heart through song.  

I’m ready to go farther.  Who’s with me?


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