Amanda Vernon

Speaking to authentic beauty through music, the language of the soul.

Amanda Vernon and her husband, David Shaheen, are the founders and co-directors of “Chastity Force,” a Catholic apostolate dedicated to proclaiming the pleasure of living for Jesus Christ in heart, mind and body.  Chastity Force promotes purity as a daily commitment, encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to share this mission with everyone they meet.

Chastity Force offers day-long conferences for faith communities.  This event is an invitation to explore the virtue of chastity within a safe, healthy environment, through uplifting talks, exciting music, personalized breakout sessions, and interactive prayer experiences.  Appropriate for youth, adults and families, the Chastity Force staff prayerfully tailors each conference to best suit your unique community.

In order to devote more time to their growing family, Amanda and David are not scheduling Chastity Force events at this time.  Please check the website again for updates.


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