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You might be from Wisconsin if...


We just returned from our mini-tour of Wisconsin.  I loved it.  David and our kids came along, and we stayed with friends and extended family most of the trip.

I performed several concerts, mostly near Green Bay and Milwaukee.  I hope to return this summer for more events in more cities.

I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but I’m a Wisconsin native.  Based on real encounters with fellow Cheeseheads, I compiled a list of indications that you, too, might be from America’s Dairyland.

You might be from Wisconsin if...

  • Someone tells you she eats French toast with cheese, and your response is, “Weird.  I’ll have to try that!”
  • You repeatedly remark how nice the weather is when it is sunny and over twenty degrees.
  • After shoveling through two feet of snow to get to your grill, your wife calls out the window, “You’ve grilled in colder weather!”
  • Customized ads on YouTube try to sell you the perfect pairing of chocolate and cheese.
  • “Packer colors!” is your first comment when your tan-colored dog gets into a can of green paint.
  • You saw the power outage during the Super Bowl as the perfect opportunity for the Packers to storm the field, capture one of the teams, and win it all.


Go Pack Go.  Next football season is only 7 months away. 



P.S. David and I were featured on the cover of Grand Rapids FAITH Magazine this month!  Here’s in the link to read, “The Author of Every Love Story.”  

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