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Winds of Change

With Hurricane Sandy on the move, I can hear the winds of change.  I am praying for safety for all those in its wake, and encouraged by news reports of Americans coming together to prepare for the storm. Today, my husband and I are sharing some less dramatic, but very exciting, news.  

As of two weeks ago, David and I have decided to work together in our company, Joyful Noise, Inc., full time.  This is something we have prepared for and prayed about since we got married, three years ago.  

Joyful Noise is an artist management company.  Our current offerings are twofold:
My music (CD recordings, live performances, Catholic ministry events) and Chastity Force (day-long conferences for families, promoting sexual purity as a daily commitment for all ages and walks of life.)  

For the most part, I coordinate the performances and David handles the technical, business details.  But David is also a talented drummer, vocalist, and speaker, so when he has the time to prepare, he joins me on stage.  I also pitch in with the business details by getting to know new people and then connecting them with David.

What is so wonderful about this new decision is how much time we get to spend as a family.  During the week, we usually work from home, taking turns caring for our kids.  When we travel on the weekends, we can often bring our children along.

There is some risk running our own company while raising two young children.  There is no guarantee of a steady paycheck from week to week.  But there are over 365 passages in the Bible instructing us not to fear, and to trust in God!  Could that be because God calls us to live a great (and risky) adventure every day of the year?

Receiving more than $10,000 in pledges for my Kickstarter campaign has been such a confirmation of our decision.  At the time of this blog post, there are 51 hours to go in the campaign.  We will put any additional funds toward getting this project out to the world.    

One of my good friends is in New York City right now as the hurricane blows through.  She is well prepared with all the supplies she needs, sheltered from the storm with good friends.  The whipping winds sound frightening though, even for those who are well-prepared.  

The winds of change are blowing through my family’s life.  We are prepared for full time ministry!  Thanks for your prayers and support as we move forward in this Year of Faith, trusting in God to keep our family safe and sheltered in His will.  Woo hoo!

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